Number 1 for Kennel Club Rally equipment
KENNEL CLUB RALLY SIGNS It is ‘all change’ in KC Rally as from 1st January 2019. PLEASE NOTE Rally   O   Ltd   does   not   ‘sell’   KC   Rally   Signs .   It   continues   to   offer,   as   in   the   past,   a ‘printing   and   laminating   service’   for   those   who   do   not   have   the   facilities   or   equip - ment to do their own.  The charges for doing so are A4  - £61.00 A5 -  £46.00 A7 -  £20.00 (per set of all levels 1 to 6) A5 and A7 do not include ‘START’, ‘FINISH or ‘BONUS’ prices above include postage, packing & VAT to UK Mainland address If you provide your own printed signs we can encapsulate them A4 - £46.00 per standard KC download set (Levels 1 to 6 inclusive) including postage & packing to return address (UK Mainland only)

Please contact sales @ for details

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