Number 1 for Kennel Club Rally equipment
PRACTICE (TRAINING) SET Many   clubs   and   individuals   are   practicing   and   teaching   Kennel   Club   Rally,   but   in confined   space!   To   lay   out   even   a   few   exercises   in   a   small   hall   or   perhaps   a   back garden   is   impossible   using   A4   sign   holders.   Of   course   we   supply   A5   sign   holders and,   but   it   is   often   difficult   for   customers   to   download   and   print/encapsulate   the signs at A5 size, so we supply a set of signs as well! So here we have it - the Practice or Training Set comprising 10 A5 sign holders (each with two feet and ‘Correx’-type board) and a set of the Exercise Descriptions (in an A5 ring binder) Complete with a free set of A5 laminated signs  (without the ‘START’, ‘FINISH’ or ‘BONUS’ signs) © Rally O Limited 2017 & 2018 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)
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Cost - £69.00 per set including p & p

5 sets